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Hey guys, if you're looking for the latest and greatest Trials in Tainted Space builds, please head over to! Free builds are available under the "play" link on that site, and if you register a backer account, there will be a "backer builds" section as well!

Tainted Space 0.6.61 Changelog 13
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DOWNLOADS ARE NOW AVAILABLE AT FENOXO.COM. PLEASE CREATE AN ACCOUNT THERE! If you need help getting it set up, see the post below (and if that doesn't work, email

0.6.61 Changelog:

  • Tlako, Uveto's station administer, is now encounterable. She's adorkable. (Penned by Frogapus)
  • A new character exists on New Texas - Haley! (Penned by Wsan)
  • New busts: The Mhen'ga dryad, Simone, Gene, Fazian,
  • Myr Venom was apparently reworked into a tease-style attack when I wasn't looking. This is probably going to be reverted.
  • New Texas now has a bad-end for Treated Femtaurs who get used with Ellie. (Coded/Penned by Wsan)
  • New Item: Omnisuit - a piece of clothing that legally counts as clothing but effectively feels like nothing at all for other purposes... (Penned/Coded b…
Help For Manual Overrides 5
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If you pledged support via Dwolla, bitcoins, or otherwise had to have me manually enable your account here, this what you should do to activate an account on

  1. Create the account as normal.
  2. Go to your profile and put the email address you used for your account in the Offbeatr field.
  3. It should update automatically.
New Site! 26
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Hey guys, 0.6.59 and 0.6.60 just came out, but we're looking to move to integrating Offbeatr data, Patreon data, and everything else into Please consider going over there for the latest.

Right now there are a few teething issues here and there. Give us a few days to shake things out, but this should result in a better experience for everyone involved.

Tainted Space 0.6.58 Changelog 4
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Because I'm somewhere with a tiny upload speed, these are only up on for now.

Tainted Space 0.6.58:

  • New Nayna scene, penned by Frogapus.
  • New busts: Lola, Quenton
  • Various fixes, courtesy of Jacques00