0.5.33 Changelog 4
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0.5.33 Changelog:

  • A new shop has been added to Kressia, selling a minesweeper to deal with those pesky mines as well as a variety of other useful equipment, courtesy of Gedan/Savin.
  • A new piece of equipment can be found on Tarkus, courtesy of Gedan/Savin. (GOO ARMOR!)
  • Kui-Tan has been added as a new starting race. Kui-Tan characters have to be male or hermaphrodite to start.
  • Grenades can now be stored in consumable storage.
  • Penny's high-throbb options are maintained after using a Synthsheath on her.\
  • Half-leithans and half-kaithrit should not longer display as full versions of their race in certain scenarios.
  • Fixed a bug that could leave the PC stuck in combat after completing Colenso's quest.
  • Fixed typos.
0.5.32 Changelog 1
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0.5.32 Changelog:

  • Fixes some problems with loading and saving.
  • Fixes some weirdness in the new damage code. Likely that there's still some weirdness remaining. Keep your eyes peeled!
0.5.31 Changelog 0
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Edit: 0.5.31 Changelog:

  • Geddy fixed some new damage model bugs.
  • April Fools is over.
  • Debug mode is still dead in a ditch.
0.5.29 Changelog 8
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0.5.29 Changelog:

  • JimT's Vahn is now in the game. He's a half-ausar mechanic that works on your ships in Tavros station.
  • JimT's Anno vibrator scene has been added to the game.
  • Dr. Badger now sells a new item - Gush! It's much like Throbb, but for boobs. It CAN bad end you, and it has a variant ending if you bad end on New Texas.
  • Elder venus pitchers no longer bother genderless characters (since they lack text for them).
  • A major description function was overhauled to be more efficient and eliminate things like "canine dog-[part]" and better describe tail-mounted parts.
  • Both cities on Myrellion now check to see if you have a pass before letting you in through the gates. No more hiking across no ant's land to avoid screwing Nehzara!
  • Fixed some values with Pandaneen's ball g…
0.5.28 Changelog 14
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  • Fix a bunch of typos and bugs like null fluid quantities, scene crashes, mimbrane stuff, etc.