Privacy Policy

At it's heard, our privacy policy is simple: don't store any more than we have to and don't share anything with anyone else unless we need to. With that said, let's discuss some specifics:

  • We take your personal information seriously and take a number of steps to try and keep it safeguarded, including technologies like SSL.
  • We may have to share information with payment processors in order to transact subscriptions but will otherwise hold your data as tightly to our chests as possible. Making money off user info isn't our thing.
  • We might send you emails if we need to notify you of something pretty important. We'll try not to spam you, though. Spam sucks.
  • If you do something illegal and we need to contact a law enforcement agency (or one contacts us) we'll give them whatever information they legally require.
  • If this is updated or changed, I'll put it on the frontpage of the blog. Whether you read it or not, by using the site you are consenting to this policy.

Created on March 2nd 2014.