Becoming a Backer

First, let me cover a few things about TiTS and how it's going to be shared on the internet:

  1. Until release backers are going to get access to many pre-release builds that others will not. Some builds that are free to everyone will appear on, but the latest and greatest will always be here.
  2. Once the game is released, new builds will be release simultaneously for free for a year, thanks to a stretch goal.
  3. After that year, TiTS will open up a semi-premium subscription service (tentatively called gold membership). Gold members will get access to new content as soon as I make it available. Two weeks after, that same content will be available for everyone else.
  4. In summation: people who support me get cool stuff, and everyone gets cool stuff a little while later.

Now that we've got that out of the way, let's talk becoming a backer! At present, Patreon is the best way to do it. They accept credit cards AND paypal now! Just toss me $5 a month and link your account up with it. Then you can grab the latest and greatest from the "Backer Builds" link.

This website is slowly being depreciated now that Gedan has upgraded the main blog to support account linking.