Fen's To-Do List

Random things that I intend to work on, in no particular order:

  • Ingame hints as to V-Ko's secret modes.
  • Remove placeholder negative checks in mimbrane reset functions. Search for 9999 to find!
  • Losing numerous times in a row at level one prompts the chance to instantly go to level 2 in exchange for donning a golden kui-tan tail. Why? Because cheating has its price.
  • Maybe block off the quick access to the deep jungle until level 2?
  • Update penis descriptions to include mention of unusual features, like knots.
  • Enable leveling beyond 7.
  • More ear/tail descript stuff.
  • LukaDoc & QB's Kui-tan Merchant.
  • Bess (300 page robot fuck babe by JimThermic)