0.5.20 Changelog 2
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0.5.20 Changelog:

  • Nehzara's guards should have busts, courtesy of Jacques00.
  • The gold pilot who escorts your first landing to Myrellion now has a bust. The repeat landing text has also been tweaked so I have an excuse to show her again. Once again, Jacques00 drew it.
  • Varmints have a bust, courtesy of Jacques00.
  • Kara's placeholder bust has been replaced with one by Shou. There is also a nude version, if anyone ever does any sex scenes for her. I'm looking at you, Savin.
  • The security robots in Anno quest have busts by Shou.
  • Gray Prime from Anno quest has busts by Jacques00, with three different variations - peaceful, fight, and crazy goo blob fight.
  • Geddy has added a fail-safe after loading to detect if your rival's gender information has bugged out, allowing you to re-pick their gender, as well as some additional debug code to help catch the problem.
  • Tons of typos fixed.
  • Some pregnancy tweaks and work coding Nyrea by Geddy. It doesn't like they're fightable (YET).
  • Geddy fixed a bunch of cockvine stuff. V-Ko can now remove them!
  • Xanthe now sells the nurse outfit she should've sold all along.
  • Added a bunch of parser calls to fix various "null"s in JimT's Xanthe scenes (and probably in some of his other scenes).
  • Skysap no longer TFs "locked" tails.
  • Various bovinium fixes.
  • Tweaked some scenes to chain together more properly when hand milking
  • Mimbrane descriptions should still exist if you gain some extra vaginas.
  • Heavy Weapons and Gun Tweaks now work properly. Before they were applying to the wrong damage types.
  • There will now be a blurb about Kelly in the back of the bar, even if you haven't met her yet.
  • The treatment had an erroneous breast enlargement transformation and wasn't ever displaying the maximum size transformation. This has been fixed.
  • Fixes an error when trying to loot tamwolf and failing.
  • I think that's it for now. Expect a queen in the next patch!


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Posted on February 17, 2015 Reply

im having trouble with the supporter backer thing i linked my account and everything but it not letting me play

Posted on February 17, 2015 Reply

when you click on Xanthe to have two cocks. she ends up with a front pussy and a back cock