0.6.42 Changelog 5
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NOTE: There are currently issues affecting accounts created since the closure of Offbeatr. We will be looking into them.

New patches for backers are all the rage! Remember, if you aren't a backer and want to get the latest and greatest, Patreon is the place to go. A few build will drop in early April - no foolin'.

0.6.42 Changelog:

  • A new character can be found in the northwest corner of Gildenmere's mushroom park - but she is time-sensitive, so wait around if she isn't there. Thanks for writing her Foxxling, and thanks for coding her, Jacques00!
  • A raft of bug fixes!
  • Emmy now has scenes for characters too big to fit inside her. Enjoy!
  • Atha's busts are in game!

The changelog is short, but the new content isn't! Thanks for sticking with us, folks!


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Posted on March 28, 2016 Reply

Atha's show seems to be bugged for me, I can click to watch the first episode, but it doesn't go anywhere.

Posted on March 28, 2016 - In reply to Ravyn00's comment Reply

Please follow the bug report link at the top of the page and report it there, with save file of possible, so that we can debug.

Posted on March 26, 2016 Reply

Fen, the second quest you perform with Seandra is broken. That's the one where she asks you to come to Deck 92. Multiple enemies show up but the menu vanishes and I can't do anything. One more thing, I reached lvl 8, and I'm still not getting Kara's quest. Can you take a look at it please?

Posted on March 25, 2016 Reply

Thaaaaanks for your hard work !

Posted on March 22, 2016 Reply

So, regarding the SSTD thing: "I might suggest a flag like the one used for the worms in CoC for those who want to disable the encounters. They're both infections after all. Honestly, it feels like the game has a bit too few forced TFs to play with atm." I replied about a week late with this and I don't know if you old older posts.