[PUBLIC] Tainted Space 0.02.36 Changelog 2
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This can be publically found on my other site.

0.02.36 Changelog:

  • Aurora's shop is now open on Tarkus. Note that nudity will not be tolerated within her shop. Written by Magic Ted.
  • Aurora's shop carries a number of new weapons and armors.
  • Gedan worked up an options menu that allows you to disable busts or set preferences between the Gats busts or CheshireCatSmile37's. Or turn them off entirely. I know there's at least one fenchatter happy for that change.


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Posted on June 24, 2014 Reply

What are the differences of the two Busts preferences?

Posted on June 23, 2014 Reply

Heh. Noticed a glitch with this release. When i tried to buy the P Jacket and the Trash armor from Aurora not only did i not actually buy it but it jumped to Carl's inventory. Backing out of his conversation options had me still at Aurora's location. Buying the Rocket Hammer the Electrogun and the Eyepiece worked, but still moved to Carls store inventory/convo options. Lastly the Electrogun equipped in the melee slot and the Eyepiece has no tooltip.

On the plus side I think Aurora is adorable, and i'm looking forward to more characters that aren't all about sex