Tainted Space 0.02.49 Changelog 10
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TiTS Backer Build 0.02.49 Patch Notes:

  • AnnoQuest has been implemented. Follower content to follow (heh) soon™. Speak to Anno in her shop to move things along. Sidenote: Some of the fights may be rebalanced before the next update; I played around with how to implement a few ideas for new combat mechanics during the course of the quest, some of which I'm not entirely happy with how I executed yet. Doing it "properly" would have required significant changes and I wanted to get something playable out before we go 2 weeks without a new build! Do note that Anno won't actually show up as a member of your ships crew just yet, I'll be working on implementing that next.
  • The masturbation menu should no longer display if there's only one available variant- it should just display automatically.
  • Venus pitcher pregnancy issues should (finally) be resolved. There may be a further tweak to things at some point, but there should be no more scene oddness going on any more.
  • Piles of typos fixed.


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can someone help me ?

Posted on September 5, 2014 Reply

This message is comming every time i try to download the game

Posted on September 3, 2014 Reply

Hmmm I no download game?!
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...I had proper formatting with line breaks and everything, guess they don't keep on this system. Oh well.

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Early game enemies are most easily beaten through spamming tease regardless of build, except cunt-snakes and mimbranes which are immune to lust attacks. Mimbranes are actually fairly dangerous until you've got a lot of either Aim or Physique, so it's best to avoid heading south in the forest until you've leveled up some. Heading east a little bit and fighting zil until you're level 3 and/or you've ground up your tease stats a fair ways will get you plenty of Zil Honey and Zil Rations that you can sell to Burt in the bar for credits. By the time you're level 3 you should be able to handle naleen to the south just fine, they can be taken out with tease attacks as well, and if you've maxed out your Aim or Physique you should be able to do the drone sidequest to get the ZK Rifle, the best weapon until you get to Tarkus and a necessity for defeating Dane with a gunner character. The south section also has the scannable ore for a hefty credit boost, which together with the two easy zil-capture missions is more than enough to claim Reaha for your crew.

Once you're at least level 4, you can consider taking a Horse Pill to boost up your Physique. With very careful save-resetting you can even avoid going through any horse TFs or losing any Intelligence/Willpower, though you'll probably gain some height. Before then the Physique cap is low enough that it'll max out within too few Horse Pill prompts, meaning you'll have to get more undesirable TFs as well.

Once you're at Tarkus, Tech Specialists want to trade up for a Laser Carbine that they can Overcharge, everyone else is perfectly happy with the ZK Rifle. Sexbots in the southern areas give the best money drops, it helps to have good Physique or at least the shock blade you can win from Dane in case they lock your gun.

Saendra's rescue can be cleared by the time you're about level 3 with the ZK Rifle, but you may have to retry a few times to get through the firefight. As with all bosses, Overcharge helps a lot.

For the military operation on Tarkus, just blast your way through the first boss, disable the turrets if possible so you don't have to fight them. Don't steal Tamwolf unless you're using attack drones already, that's mean. The first mate can strip you of your weapons, making her very difficult to defeat through physical combat, but she has a newly gene-modded dick, and if you've been paying attention you'll know that this makes her extremely vulnerable to tease attacks. So much so, in fact, that she'll drop her own weapons if you tease her. The captain's power loader is the best time to use Overcharge or other Energy-using abilities if you have them, change cover whenever a missile gets fired. This one's just about firepower. The captain herself can be beaten either through combat or through teasing, your pick. Grab the platinum there and use it to pay for the second pod.

Annoquest should be dealt with through one of the nice options to avoid fighting the Gigagoo, the Goo Prime is especially vulnerable to Overcharge because Anno will do more damage on turns where it's stunned. I haven't gone through the quest with characters of other classes yet, so I don't know if she has combos with them as well.

Posted on August 31, 2014 Reply

I'm curious if a masturbatory option might be implemented in the future with the use of the Fenris drone. I think being able to use it as more than just an attack drone would be incredible. The use of it in selected battle wins would be even better. And I'm just wondering... at the moment the Venus pregnancies are the only ones I have encountered. Are others implemented yet? I took the fertility boost at creation and have had zero luck outside of seed pods.

Posted on August 30, 2014 Reply

Fenoxo, sometimes I wonder how you are still sane. I write Java for 5-6 hours a day, and I'm barely holding together.

Posted on August 29, 2014 Reply

Awesome game so far but if you choose to emphasize intellect in your character or anything other than physique in the beginning for the cat hybrid race you pretty much end up being a sex slave to nearly every monster you meet unless you turn easy mode on due to low HP and damage capabilities. This also means choosing to join a military operation results in the sex slavery of death on the planet of the short people who are mechanics. Also having only got that far are there any practical ways to earn money besides selling eggs and the like to get money? I really want to buy the cow girl sex slave for my ship. Also the gambling route can score one big the first few times if one is lucky but most of the time I am just throwing away credits trying to earn them from the video game bets. Lastly I think it'd be awesome if we could recruit ship members who were not only available to please you but also help you in battle if you like me chose the intellect route. If those kinds of things have already been implemented or if not already are implemented in the future I think the game could be even more fun than it already is. I am only trying to help improve the game with my suggestions. If you think any of mine would make the game too easy by all means omit them I am only trying to be helpful :). Also I find the descriptions of the sex scenes to be very fappable good job on those :).

Posted on August 28, 2014 Reply

Went ahead and tested the be a total dick route and you get frozen at the screen before fighting the Gigagoo

Posted on August 27, 2014 Reply

Looking good, keep up the excellent work on this great game :)