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Progress Reports 6
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I have a few things to discuss! Firstly, Renezuo is planning to make an illustrated TiTS bestiary, and is looking for opinions on funding and such in his post. Please go share them there if you've got an FA or here, and I'll try to relay them to him.

That said, we've got that troublesome sidebar bug for TiTS all cleared up, and I've started work on the second planet by laying into the room descriptions and reviewing Nonesuch's sexbots. They're as well-written as they are hilarious. Seriously, there's a silly-mode only bit that I adore. I've also got the map of the second planet numbered and started writing descriptions. I'm currently on the sixth one, but I hope to hit fifteen before quitting tonight. I also pulled a name for it out of the proverbial hat (Offbeatr 'name a planet' rewar…

V-Ko the nursedroid! 16
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V-Ko is now available to aid you in Mhen'ga! Since the codex isn't there to give you hints yet, 'release' and 'electro' should give some results on her custom commands.

There are some bugs we are trying to lock down. Please see this post to help out.

You can now link your Offbeatr account after the fact *updated* 41
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For those of you who had trouble linking their accounts initially, this is for you. Please follow the instructions in the nag message at the top of the page, or go to your profile to link up.

You will be redirected to Offbeatr to grant access to TiTS to pull data from your Offbeatr account, and then all will be well.

Keep us posted if you run into anything that doesn't quite seem right...


We had to roll a few changes on Offbeatr to accomodate some of the changes that we made here, so if you received a 'redirect_uri mismatch error' please try linking again. It should work fine.

Estrobloom 51
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A new backer's only build just hit! We've got another new item in the house!

0.02.15 Changelog:

  • Added lipDescript function to accept lip size TFs and perhaps colors later.
  • Added Estroblossom to Sera's inventory - a drug that feminizes the user, mostly in the face region.
  • Added an icon for Horse Pills.
  • Fixed a bug in vaginal descriptions that would say something like " , vagina".
  • Fixed gaining a cunt tail forgetting to properly set your tailCount to 1.
  • Fixed multiple cunt tails not listing in appearance.
  • Fixed some Sera typos and issues.

We also got a "play fullscreen" button on the play page. Ciao!

In an effort to better the TiTS Website 10
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Hi all,

We need to conduct some testing in order to fix some issues with the Offbeatr account linking. If you have had any problems with getting your account linked successfully, please comment ont his post and voice your interest in being a participant. You do not need to supply your email address in the post, I will contact you individually if I select you for participation.

Preferably, I would like someone who meets the following criteria:

  1. Is awake and available to test between the hours of 11:00 PM and 5:00 AM EST
  2. Has not been able to link their Offbeatr account to their TiTS account
  3. Has time and flexibility to offer towards testing
  4. Preferably has a Skype account for communication, screen sharing, and so forth
  5. Speaks fluent English

We hope to wrap this up quic…