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The Gene Stealer: Chapter One 4
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Hey, folks, Savin here. 

I've been itching for a while to get back into fiction writing after Talon Rogue earlier in the year. A few cool concepts popping up on the forum gave me the idea for another TiTS short story, so... here you go! It's going to be a little raunchier than Talon Rogue was, but this time I think Captain Kaede might just be able to hold her own against the strange, sexy things inhabiting the tainted space she flies in. We'll see! 

The Gene Stealer: Chapter 1


Tarkus is kind of a dump. I wasn't happy to be making a run out here, but a job's a job, and after my last bust of a shipment, I needed the cash. Ships don't exactly repair themselves you know. Boots up on the dash of my console, I flicked through holo-images of the dust and junk piled sky-high around …

Level ups, More Milking, and a New Challenger! 23
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0.02.24 Changelog:

  • Gedan overhauled the perk and level up screen. Hopefully it's awesome and doesn't break anything (YET).
  • Added Male Sydian's to Tarkus (accidentally had Mhen'ga listed at first). Note that they come with a debuff on loss that can't be removed yet (-25% to max shields).
  • Added the Magic-Milker 7 to V-Ko's inventory. It'll milk you, give some readout of how much you made, and drop some place-holder bagged milk into your inventory.
  • Estrobloom ball shrink text changed slightly so as not to give the impression that it gives trap pouch TF.
  • Estrobloom can now shrink balls with trap pouch tf, though it will not shrink as far as otherwise.
  • Fixed some other minor bugs and minuatia.
  • Prolly other fixes.
Milking Early Access: Live 18
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I got the bare bones of the milk system sorted out. There's no items for starting lactation yet, but if you can bump into the younger venus pitchers enough, you should be able to start down the path of milkhood. Alternatively, save editing milkMultiplier to 100 is a good place to start. Oh, and one other note: older player files will not be producing milk at the correct rate - you'll want to save edit milkRate up to 10 or keep visiting venus pitchers to get that fixed.

I'll try and get some items in to make this less laborious soon.

0.02.23 Changelog:

  • Lactation is now possible.
    • Breasts can now become swollen with [milk].
    • When suitably over-engorged (150% capacity, next to last notification), lactation will start slowly dropping.
    • Milking increases lactation to a cer…
Lapinara Live 4
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0.02.21 is live both here and on Patreon. The changelog can be summed up in a single note:

  • Added Lapinara to Tarkus.

I figured WorldOfDrakan's little egg-layers would be a good addition given the egg-centric holiday that's going on today. Note that debug mode forces you to encounter them for now. This will be resolved in a later patch. I might even get more done for you all before today's end.

One patch wasn't enough! 0.02.22 is live:

  • Added Shelly, an egg layer advertising a future product, to Anon's Bar.
  • Added Jungle Lure and Jungle Repel to V-Ko's inventory. They double or halve encounter rates on Mhen'ga, respectively.
New Backer Patch! 22
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Tomorrow I'm going to be putting out another patch for EVERYONE (not just backers) to enjoy, and it might have a little bit more content depending on how much of my never-ending mountain of work I can chew through, but in the meantime, enjoy the fruits of 0.02.20 in all its backer-only glory!

  • Savin (and Kirbu's) Gray Goos have been added to the game.
  • Raskvel and sexbots should have properly randomized sexual preferences.
  • Dug out an old Gats design for Raskvel and added it to their encounters.
  • Made a bust out of an Uthstar commission for the sexbots.
  • Fixed a scene crash in multicock faps.
  • Added tooltips for all the combat menu options.
  • Added tooltips to the character creation race choices.
  • Fixed a blank event proccing when Horse Pills were wearing off.
  • Dick and vagina…