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Tainted Space 0.02.28 Changelog 19
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  • Dr. Badger has been added to the Novahome. She was written by Abe E. Seedy. She currently sells Throbb, Dumbfuck (a mental bimbofication item with an unusual vector), and will probably sell Milfshakes once I write and code them (a physical bimbofication item).
  • Dumbfuck got a codex entry. It's unlocked when trying to use the item or encountering Doc. Badger.
  • A bunch of new perks were added as part of the Dumbfuck chain.
  • Colenso, a vendor written by Nonesuch, has been added to the game.
  • Colenso has four "prophylactics" added that can be used to temporarily decrease encounters with certain species on Tarkus.
  • A perks screen has been added so that you can view your listed perks. It's the star in the lower left corner. Big thanks to Gedan for cramming that out so fast for me this a…
Tainted Space 0.02.27b Changelog 8
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  • Fixed Sydian codex not displaying.
  • A raft of various typo fixes.
  • Aliss' anal scene should now work with hardlight panties.
  • Mimbrane fixes.
  • Gedan says he removed Mimbranes from being forced in debug mode. You can stop reporting it as a bug (it wasn't). I am tempted to remove the visible button for it in the future and put it in as a code, with infinite items activated using a second code, just so ya'll stop complaining about our testing mode.
  • The JoyCo Magic Milker 7 can now properly enlarge your nipples. Turns out nippleRatio was set to the integer data type and I was increasing it by decimal amounts (resulting in nothing happening).
  • Aliss can no longer be slept with until she's gets excited enough from trying on clothes to proposition you. The disabled tooltip has a hint a…
[Public] 0.02.27 Changelog! 11
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Firstly, you don't have to be a backer here to play this one. You can grab it over at

Now, on to 0.02.27 patch notes:

  • Savin's Anno is in the game on Tarkus. Note her sex scenes aren't in place yet.
    • She sells a variety of guns, including Goovolvers!
  • Fixed some weirdness that could happen when Smugglers used Goovolvers.
  • Tarkus' rooms are all finished and in place.
  • Tarkus' encounters have been split between four geographic areas of Tarkus. Think north side ("local"), south side ("iron ridges"), west side ("oil sea"), and the glade.
  • Added two new butt teases that someone emailed me. Thanks!
  • Added two new lactation-based teases that someone emailed me. Woopwoop!
  • Blank Codex display has been fixed. (Thanks Gedan!)
Regarding Offbeatr Linking 28
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Hey, if you did not pledge during the Offbeatr drive, there is no purpose in attempting to link your Offbeatr account. With that said, if you DID pledge via Offbeatr and have not been able to link your account, give it another try. Offbeatr recently fixed some things on their end. If you still have problems, please send me an(other) email so that I can put you in touch with my webmaster and get your situation resolved. Thanks!

This message is a sticky - be sure and check below if you're looking for updates!

Backer Build Version 0.02.26! 26
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A new patch appeared, but backers also got a new chapter of "The Treatment" to enjoy! Check the post below this one while logged in as a backer to read it (or check the "Creations" tab on Patreon for this build and the story chapter)!

0.02.26 Changelog:

  • Tavros Station's Merchant section has been expanded to make room for more shops. It'll eventually arc around in a circular shape if there winds up being enough need.
  • Aliss' shop, Mi Amour, has been added to Tavros. This shop sells lots of cosmetic undergarments with optional hard-light dildos. For now, only Aliss has a scene that uses them. Big thanks to Third for writing her!
    • Mi Amour adds something like 14 new undergarments.
  • Sellesy the waitress has been given a bust, drawn by CheshireCatSmile.
  • Aliss' bust was …