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Tainted Space 0.02.39 Changelog 19
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0.02.39 Changelog:

  • Fixed some crash bugs
  • Savin's side-character, Seandra is in game now thanks to Gedan, along with some work for an interplanetary encounter system.
  • Something like five or six new CheshireCatSmile37 busts.
Tainted Space 0.02.38 Changelog 4
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0.02.38 Changelog:

  • A bunch of updated busts from Gats.
  • Some more granularity of bust display choices thanks to Gedan. Check the options menu.
  • Fix some potential weirdness in hair and canine phallus description.
  • Lots of fixes for assorted "null" descriptors.
  • Fixed the bold tags on the rocket hammer.
  • Fixed Penny's ability to compare the size of her dick to yours. The poor thing thought smaller penises were actually bigger!
  • Updated a bunch of NPC scenes to properly track when they're shooting bodily fluids into the PC. This should help if there's ever anything like CoC's goo or addiction mechanics.
  • V-Ko now sells 1 use shield boosters.
  • Added a few tooltip descriptions in places.
  • Gray Goo can now dispense a healing item if hacked.
  • V-Ko now has a milking scene. You ca…
[PUBLIC] Tainted Space 0.02.37 Changelog 8
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0.02.37 Changelog:

  • Smartclothes tagged as armor.
  • Smartclothes shield boost buffed.
  • Electrogun damage type and weapon type fixed.
  • Honeyseed now properly changes cum.
  • Some fixes in Anno's shop interfaces.
  • Aurora's protective jacket can now be bought properly.
  • Gray goo's healing option now functions properly.
  • Fixed some hangs in Kelly's dinner scene.
[PUBLIC] Tainted Space 0.02.36 Changelog 2
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This can be publically found on my other site.

0.02.36 Changelog:

  • Aurora's shop is now open on Tarkus. Note that nudity will not be tolerated within her shop. Written by Magic Ted.
  • Aurora's shop carries a number of new weapons and armors.
  • Gedan worked up an options menu that allows you to disable busts or set preferences between the Gats busts or CheshireCatSmile37's. Or turn them off entirely. I know there's at least one fenchatter happy for that change.
Tainted Space 0.02.35 Changelog 10
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0.02.35 Changelog:

  • Colenso's quest to locate the source of the sex-bots is activated. Note that this is alpha and there's a slim chance it could be hella-broken. If you can resolve things peacefully (have a high int. Tech specialists get a bonus.) there will be an option to control the sexbots to some degree. Otherwise, their encounter rate is greatly reduced. Written by Nonesuch.
  • Overcharged shot can no longer be used with non-energy weapons.
  • Chocolac is added to the game, courtesy of Savin. Enjoy chocolate milk leaking nips. Scenes for giving it to Reaha coming soon.
  • Many bugfixes for Anno.