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Tainted Space 0.02.34 Changelog 1
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0.02.34 Changelog:

  • Capturing femzil for Dr. Haswell now allows Kelly to sell "Honeypot". Its effects are fairly self-evident.
  • Anno can now be anally plowed after losing the shoot-off at her range.
  • Fixed a bug at Anno's shooting range that made winning nigh-impossible.
  • "Slut training" has been added to Delilah's options. Requires you to have a dick, a feminine face, and not be an anal virgin. Basically you slut it up yourself to teach her how to.
  • Haswell's icon no longer appears when capturing a zil in the wild.
Tainted Space 0.02.33 Changelog 9
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0.02.33 Changelog:

  • Honeydew and HoneySeed are in the game. You can guess what they do. Doing Dr. Haswell's quests should open up Kelly to sell them.
  • Kelly can now buy and sell the above items.
  • Anno now has some of her gun range scenes added. Still waiting for: Anal. Surprisingly Savin didn't write Anal first this time.
  • Anno now has some other scenes in other places.
  • Anno's naked bust has been turned on.
  • Anno has an appearance screen now.
  • A bunch of codexes now show multiple busts of various members of their species.
  • ear descriptions for canines (ausars), equines, bovines, and raskvel have been filled out. Writers, that means [pc.ear] has some use now.
  • Eye description is enabled. It will either say "eye" or "red eye" (replace color as appropriate. The odds are 50/50. …
Tainted Space 0.02.32 Changelog 8
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0.02.32 Changelog:

  • Xenogen Biotech now has office hours. This required me learning how to futz about with paths that open and close. I think I've got a good system in place.
  • Kelly, the secretary for Xenogen, can now be found at the bar when off duty. She has WELL over 100 pages of new content courtesy of Quiet Browser and Lukadoc.
  • Laquines have been added to the codex. They're unlocked by talking to Kelly.
  • Fixed some under the hood bugs.
  • Added a few under the hood functions.
  • Added a fuckton of busts (around 20+), courtesy of Gats and CheshireCatSmile37. In instances where busts from both artists exist, I am currently using CheshireCatSmile37's. Once more busts from both exist, I'll look at tossing out versions with one set or the other.
  • Fixed busts for sexbots and lapina…
Tainted Space 0.02.31 Changelog 10
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Got a quick bugfix update for the latest public build. Look forward to more frequent backers-only updates the next couple weeks now that I'm back in the saddle and Savin is settling into full-time write-fu.

TiTS 0.02.31 Changelog:

  • Fixed numerous scene crashes (which manifested as scenes that locked, looped, or didn't have their buttons update). These were due to some under the hood changes for the pregnancy system (and other systems).
  • Fixed the milk production messages not appearing.
  • Fixed numerous typos and incorrect parser calls.
  • Flahne's "PlayNSpray" should now no longer overwrite a button for a different Flahne scene in the menu in which it appears.
  • Some Aliss "Try On" options were not properly clearing the menu in the scene. This has been fixed.
Tainted Space 0.02.30 Changelog 5
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I was on vacation, but I'm back on the horse now. Here's a small patch to get us started moving forward once more:

  • Bigger balls now add much more to held cum and ejaculation volume.
  • Put some checks in that could fix if ballFullness glitched out to NaN (not a number).
  • Added a new Shekka scene written by Kirbu for those who are kind of hyper and messy.
  • A bunch of under the hood changes for the pregnancy system. Venus pitcher seeding coming soon if it isn't enabled already.

This build is publicly available on as well for non-backers.