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Tainted Space 0.02.44 Changelog 8
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Just a small one for now.

0.02.44 Changelog:

  • Belly Update: bellyDescript overhauled to have a great deal more adjectives and a few more nouns. The appearance screen has also been modified to include a blurb about the size of your belly. During pregnancies, this sentence will split off into its own paragraph.
  • Updated Venus Pitcher pregnancy stuff. When they make you pregnant, there's now a bolded bit about it at the end of the scene to help explain why you're suddenly so full. Also appearance screen stuff has been updated to work better with it.
  • Fixed a few potential errors in venus pitcher pregs that could pop up in places.
  • Saendra had some fixes to her post-quest content courtesy of Gedan.
Tainted Space 0.02.43 Changelog 14
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We've got an alpha test of the character editor and CoC importer ready to go, but it does not display on the play page for me at present. I'll be getting my web guy to work on that ASAP. In the meantime, here's an update to TiTS proper.

0.02.43 Changelog:

  • Saendra should be able to be met in Anon's bar. (Thanks Gedan!)
  • Laid groundwork for CoC character importer and TiTS character editor (Offbeatr Pledge Reward).(Thanks Gedan!)
  • Added lip descriptions to the appearance screen for very masculine characters who somehow got huge lips and lack beards.
  • Balls have had some major adjustments. The ballSize() values now refer to circumference rather than diameter. Diameter is still calculated and displayed on the appearance screen. One advantage of this is that it allows for more granu…
Tainted Space 0.02.42 Changelog 7
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0.02.42 Changelog:

  • Anno and Shekka's talk scenes are updated/change to reflect exploding planets.
  • Room descriptions in the Nova are tweaked in a few places to match the reality of a planetless Novahome.
  • Added a new Syri scene written by Firedrops. Accessible via winning a "bet yourself" wager.

On to planet of the cows!

[Backer Release] Tainted Space 0.02.41 Changelog 12
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0.02.41 Changelog:

  • You can no longer walk around on Tarkus after letting it blow up.
  • The bomb timer on the Stellar Tether has been increased to 4 hours. Note: If you want the planet to explode, defeat at least once boss in the core and hightail it back to Nova.
  • Aurora's shop disappears if Tarkus explodes. Turns out having a hole to the exterior of a ship when it gets sucked into space is a bad idea.
  • Steph Irson's episodes have been split into two "pages" with a next button to show off her new clothed/naked busts. Note there is a slight difference in them between episode two and episode three.
  • Alex and Aliss now have Gats busts available.
  • The room outside Aurora's now has a little blurb mentioning the entrance to her room.
  • Futas without testes once more generate cum.
  • Ra…
[Backer Release] Tainted Space 0.02.40 Changelog 8
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Note that this release is crazy levels of Alpha and could result in weirdness. I recommend waiting till I can get a more refined bug-fix patch out tomorrow.

0.02.40 Changelog:

  • The "Stellar Tether" area on Tarkus can be explored. It's an area with four challenging fights, interesting new foes, and planet-cracking potential. Note that while the core content is complete, it is still in need of polish, and planet destruction destruction is not supported yet.
  • Kiro's first encounter should be in the game. It is procced in much the same way as Saendra's adventure.
  • Nerfed Dane's damage output somewhat.