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Tainted Space 0.02.49 Changelog 10
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TiTS Backer Build 0.02.49 Patch Notes:

  • AnnoQuest has been implemented. Follower content to follow (heh) soon™. Speak to Anno in her shop to move things along. Sidenote: Some of the fights may be rebalanced before the next update; I played around with how to implement a few ideas for new combat mechanics during the course of the quest, some of which I'm not entirely happy with how I executed yet. Doing it "properly" would have required significant changes and I wanted to get something playable out before we go 2 weeks without a new build! Do note that Anno won't actually show up as a member of your ships crew just yet, I'll be working on implementing that next.
  • The masturbation menu should no longer display if there's only one available variant- it should just display automatically…
Tainted Space 0.02.48 Changelog 8
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Didn't get much time to work on this, so probably a mess. Big thanks to Gedan for fixing what bugs he got to.

0.02.48 Changelog:

  • Allows leveling to 7. Note the new stuff is very untested and very likely broken.
  • Attempts to fix some of the Vanae bugs.
Tainted Space 0.02.47 Changelog 16
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0.02.47 Changelog:

  • A new zone of forest has been added to Mhen'ga, bringing with it two new items and two new fightable enemies. (Big thanks to Gedan for doing this while I wasted time writing)
  • Vanae are added to the game. Their two encounters are Vanae Maidens (Vanae hunters out on their first hunt) and Vanae Huntresses (older, more experienced Vanae).
  • Xenogen Atma Armor is available.
  • A new item that can be used to reduce the size of breasts and balls can be found in the new zone.
  • Fixed bunches of typos and minor bugs.
  • Penny's vaginal and anal capacity significantly boosted.
  • "Plumage" should no longer erroniously display in hair descriptions.
  • Knot a Problem no longer sometimes displays as Chocolac.
  • Dumbfuck moved to an "Items" category in the codex.
  • New Texas's fi…
Tainted Space 0.02.46 Changelog 21
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0.02.46 Changelog:

  • Sellesy, the three-breasted waitress in Anon's bar got some scenes for lady types, courtesy of Z.
  • Jade now sells "knot a problem," a pill that should give any dick a knot, or embiggen an existing one. Written by Savin.
  • Gardeford wrote some stuff for a competive sex game. Note that after playing it with her five times, it gets a slight upgrade.
  • Various bug and typo fixes courtesy of you, the players and coded by Gedan.
Tainted Space 0.02.45 Changelog 5
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0.02.45 Changelog:

  • Fixes some bugs in the New Texas preview content.