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Tainted Space 0.02.55 Changelog 16
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This is a big one!

0.02.55 (Bugfixes) Changelog:

  • Fixes a crash in Gianna's buttfuck scene.
  • Fixes a metric pound of typos. That's right, we fixed a nonexistent unit of measurement worth of typos.
  • Half-leithan appearance screens should be way better off.
  • Half-leithans should start with tails.
  • Crotch teases should no longer crash for half-leithans.
  • Ellie's public use scene should no longer crash.
  • Half-leithans can choose heights up to 9' at start. Fuck you, Savin.
  • Beth's Broads should no longer have a screwy exit.
  • Ausar treats should be able to properly switch nagafeet to dogfeet.
  • Combat items should now clear from your inventory when they hit 0 quantity.
  • Follow Anno should no longer be exploitable for infinite cash with certain perks.
  • Vanae milkbaths and such …
Tainted Space 0.02.54 Changelog 2
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[Backer Release] TiTS 0.02.54 (Robogina) Changelog:

  • Gianna has had her starting silicone lowered to a more reasonable level.
  • Gianna's sex scenes have all been added, but are relatively untested.
  • Half-leithan is now available as a starting race.

This is the start of what I'm calling Robo-week! I'll be working on Bess (another robotic chick) for the rest of the week. Enjoy!

Tainted Space 0.02.53 Changelog 0
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TiTS Backer 0.02.53 Changelog:

  • An Iced Teats Frozen Treats stand has opened up on New Texas, featuring Yammi, the first follower written for TiTS. Note that her follower branch isn't in yet.
  • Gianna has moved into the milking barn. Her actual sex scenes aren't in yet, she's got access to the max amount of silicone already without the related quest, but you can get a feel for her. (30 pages or so of content in!)
  • Save and load to file are in experimentally!
Tainted Space 0.02.52 Changelog 4
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This one is just bugfixes. More substantive stuff should be on the way next week if not sooner.

0.02.52 Changelog:

  • Fixes some minor bugs with Kelly's state of undress.
  • iOS builds should now display properly on iPads.
  • staticBurst now properly works on Naleen Coils.
  • Fixed a bunch of Ellie bugs and typos.
  • You can no longer wander around New Texas without checking your guns.
  • Bunches of fixes to Saendra stuff.
  • Metric fucktons of fixes from Gedan I'm too lazy to sort through. Seriously, the guy is a machine.

Not sure if a backer release is going to be in the cards or not tonight, but I'll try to get something going.

Tainted Space 0.02.51 Changelog 16
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TiTS 0.02.51 Changelog:

  • Anno's follower stuff should be complete.
  • I didn't want the first bullet point to feel lonely, so I added another to the changelog.