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0.5.5 Changelog 6
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0.5.5 (The Fields):

  • New Texas has explorable fields to the west. Big thanks to Frogapus for writing a bunch of fun descriptions for them!
  • Varmints can be fought in the fields. Since you're disarmed, you might want to talk to the nearby ranchhand first to secure a lasso. They hit like a truck and will roll right over low physique characters.
  • Silicone baggies that the varmints didn't chew through can be found in the fields. Give them to Gianna if you like.
  • Cameron the ranchhand is added. He can be sexed by dickwielders at present.
  • Added another option to the bust options. Not that you may need to reset your bust rankings after upgrading your saves.
  • More teases have been added to the game. Thanks, Couch!
  • Steph Irson has a new episode in New Texas' restaurant.
  • Fixed some c…
0.5.4 Changelog 2
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0.5.4 Changelog (Mediocre Edition):

  • Treatment has been enabled for herms and sexless character. I did not have much time, so nothing special YET. ATM they either get the male or female path as randomly selected.
  • Many mentions of "your legs" have been fixed to "your [pc.legs]".
  • Ram horns should stop crumbling away immediately.
  • Some fixes to how treatment TFs are displayed. There were some muck-ups with the parser.
Tainted Space 0.5.3 Changelog 5
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0.5.3 Changelog [Backers]:

  • Male Treatment effects are coded and active. It may be buggy as sin... so look out for that. I went through a full course on one character with no problems, but I wouldn't be surprised that some of the multicock stuff might have issues.
  • Various fixes and tweaks.
0.5.2 Changelog 19
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0.5.2 Changelog:

  • Tweaked Brynn's position and fixed some bugs.
  • Fixed some bugs. A lot of bugs. And a good bit of typos.
  • Added a holiday turkey for Canadians.
Tainted Space 0.5.1 Changelog 2
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0.5.1 Changelog (Treating Girls & Rough Brynn):

  • The Treatment is now available in the New Texas gift shop. It only really works for girls at present. Over 9,000 words of cow-slut ahead!
    • Bear in mind that none of the rare variants are in yet.
  • Brynn the blue-balled bull-stud is in game, penned and coded by our own Gedan. He's still in pretty rough shape, and I'm gonna move his stall a little bit in the future.
  • Fixed a bug that could cause shields with defense values to add to incoming damage. (Thanks Geddy!)