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Tainted Space 0.5.0 Changelog 2
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TiTS 0.5.0 Changelog (Huge Version # Jumps):

  • Bumped the version number up to a more appropriate level. We were shooting for 4 planets as our main release, and we're over halfway there. If anything, 0.5 is a little conservative at this point. I should've been more aggressively bumping the value as we were progressing.
  • Added the barbeque pit to New Texas. Bimbos and treated characters can get a special treat.
  • Added Taxi services to Mhen'ga and Tarkus. To use them, you'll need to unlock the comm. relays at the Xenogen Biotech camp and outside the great lift, respectively.
  • Adjusted the layout of Novahome's top deck because the elevator made zero sense. It was supposed to be broken up there. I also added a blurb about the elevator on the lower decks.
  • Adjusted the layout of Kiro's…