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0.5.9 Changelog 3
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Small one today. I hope everyone had a great Turkey Day. I didn't get all the bug reports sorted, but I did get Gobbles name issue straightened. Next patch will probably be back to backers-only, assuming there's no major issues.

0.5.9 Changelog:

  • Gobbles is now referred to as "Turkey Girl" until you discover that she goes by "Canada" in TiTS. Savin is the wurrst.
  • Added a wacky error code to a scene that I had reports of crashing on but couldn't quite identify why.
  • Lots of typo fixes courtesy of Jacques00. Note: I didn't do your race capitalization thing because I want to get everything definitely handled at once alongside an update to the style guide.
  • Penny will no longer talk about wanting to grow a dick while having one.
  • Various other typos addressed.
0.5.8 Changelog 1
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0.5.8 Changelog:

  • Pussybloom and Pussyblossom added to Sera's shop. Either will give you a vagina if you don't have one, but "blossom" will give you up to three vaginas. Either is capable of restoring hymens or increasing elasticity as well, though both are very expensive.
  • Shou's busts for the Mhen'ga scout authority guy, Ellie, and Ogram are in game.
  • Fixed a Brynn-related crashbug in the barn.
  • Canada/Gobbles has had an additional "holiday" period added - she can be encountered for a little over a week in November as well as October. She will also be encountered up to once a day in Silly mode.

Note: I am aware of the name mismatch with Canada/Gobbles. I'll be fixing that tomorrow. Enjoy!

0.5.7 Changelog 0
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0.5.7 Changelog:

  • Yancy has been added to New Texas in the milking barn. He has a total of six scenes, though all require a milky PC to access. Thanks to Savin and JimThermic for chipping in four of them!
  • Valeria bust added (by Shou)
  • Some more Millie.
  • Some tweaks to the appearance screen and descriptors courtesy of Jacques00.
  • Various bug fixes
0.5.6 Changelog 15
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0.5.6 Millie's Milkers:

  • Millie has been added to New Texas' Milk Barn. She's ride dicks, help milky folks with their needs, and offer a temporary sample of what it feels like to be a Treated cow-girl for those who want it. Note she's not 100% done. I still have to do the manual suckle-milking for her.
  • Ausar codex now only shows Syri's bust.
  • Added new busts from Shou: Aurora, Carrie, Amma, and Saendra
  • Added Kui-tan codex
  • AI/VI Codex added by Gedan. Note this is still pending review by me and may be adjusted.
  • Ovir Codex added (Aliss' race. Thanks, Third/Z)
  • Anno can purchase a hardlight strapon from Aliss' shop after Anno becomes a crewmember.
  • Some fixes for tease attacks.
  • Varmint buffs
  • Leithans now start with their codex unlocked.
  • Various typo and bug fixes.
  • Fixe…