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0.5.14 Changelog 13
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0.5.14 Changelog:

  • Syri or Anno can invite the player to come to a family Christmas party. Of course, penned by Savin.
  • Sera now sells an item called "Condensol". It will temporarily shrink masculine genitalia for four hours, allowing you to slip into tighter characters. Thanks to Couch for writing this one, even if I didn't use the entire thing.
0.5.13 Changelog 5
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0.5.13 Changelog:

  • Big T has three sex scenes available.
  • Embry can now be encountered on Myrellion.
  • Zephy has a bust, courtesy of Shou (with guest colors by Damnit).
  • Ellie has another Shou bust for her racier scenes.
  • Some enemy body part flags and colors have been updated to be more correct.
  • Throbb now grants racially appropriate phalli (thanks Jacques00!)
  • Xenogen Synthsheaths can now be found on Tarkus.
  • Alex's scenes more properly react to maiden PCs.
  • Magic Milker typos fixed.
  • Improved Ship interior system/planet display.
  • Fixed Tarkus transit sometimes breaking.
  • Fixed mimbranes not attaching to PCs under certain circumstances.
  • Fixed Colenso's factory quest potentially getting stuck.
  • Fixed sentence fragment in the appearance screen for female characters.
  • F…
0.5.12 Changelog 8
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[Backer Release] 0.5.12 Changelog:

  • Nehzara the Red Myr diplomat is now available for meetings, just north of Jiro. She'll explain things from the point of her race. Written by Kaizer_Z.
  • Nehzara has two new sex scenes.
  • Adds a new room to Myrellion for Nehzara.
  • Updates the variable room text at Airfield north to function as intended.
  • Fixed the Shade/Kara combat texts getting flipped.
  • Added busts for Shade (by Shou), Kara (by Peekay), and Cameron (Partially finished Shou pic).
  • Shade's tail can now lay eggs.
0.5.11 Changelog 1
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This build isn't very refined and many of the rooms still have placeholder content needing coded. Please don't report that crap as bugs.

0.5.11 Changelog:

  • Myrellion should now unlock for those who have completed the Stellar Tether.
  • Myrellion's tavern, the Golden Peak is now in game, complete with a new system for handling alcoholic beverages.
  • Steph Irson has a new episode in the The Golden Peak.
  • Shade and Kara can be encountered in The Golden Peak, resulting in some possible sex, some possible money, and a very likely fight. Note that it is likely buggy.
  • People with a bugged out Anno follower should get her back.
  • Some source code has been reorganized, mostly New Texas. I need to go back and do the same for Mhen'ga and Tarkus next.
  • Juro the kui-tan ambassador can be en…
0.5.10 Changelog 7
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0.5.10 Changelog

  • Zephyr, Big T's secretary, has been added to the ranch on New Texas. She has two sex scenes available.
  • Big T. himself is now in his office. You'll need to at least approach Zephyr to get her to unlock it. He has no sex scenes yet (but JimThermic has expressed interest in writing some).
  • Saendra's bust shows in a scene that should have always had it.
  • Disarm now prevents the usage of grenades and weapon-dependent abilities.
  • The light lasso now requires you to actually have the light lasso in order to use it.
  • Using the light lasso should now properly point your drone at it.
  • Fixes horsepills reducing willpower to 0.
  • Female naleen sex scenes now require the standard 33 lust.
  • Boobswell pad's tooltip has been corrected from one week to 3 days, matching the i…