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0.5.18 Changelog 3
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0.5.18 Changelog:

  • Vanae transformation has been implemented. The transformative item drops from the vanae themselves. Thanks to JimT for writing it!
  • Bunches of Bugfixes courtesy of Gedan.
  • Bovinium added, courtesy of Savin & Gedan. Sera sells it.

Small patch this week. Hopefully I'll have more for you soon

0.5.17 Changelog 6
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0.5.17 Changelog:

  • Jade now sells 'Nuki Cookies, a raccoon/kui-tan/tanuki transformative. Male characters can gain a perk that allows their balls to expand with pent-up cum, like Kiro.
  • A number of status effects for being too well endowed have been implemented. Hopefully they're fun and not irritating/lame. Easter egg: there's a way to get three tits or nuts at the extreme end of this.
  • Geddy coded an anal masturbation scene.
  • Lots of fixes and such.
  • Reaha's Milkmods should be enabled.
  • Fixed some stupid bugs with easy mode.
  • Renvra's pregnancies should be in the game, though Savin says they're still bugged.
0.5.16 Changelog 5
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0.5.16 Changelog:

  • Lane added. I hear he's on Tarkus somewhere.
  • Gildenmere and Kressia can be explored.
  • Room colors have been added. Brown for underground, green for forests, tan for deserts.
  • An NPC on Kressia has been added.
  • Some new busts are added courtesy of Shou.
  • A Reaha expansion is in.
  • Bunches of bugs are fixed.
  • Elder Venus Pitchers now get marked on the mini-map once you run into them.
  • Gedan rebuilt how the stat bars work.
  • Liliana the deserter has been added to the DMZ of Myrellion, courtesy of Gardeford.
  • Ship storage is in game, though it might not be enabled in game yet.
  • +Probably a few things I forgot. What? I'm tired.
0.5.15 Changelog 5
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0.5.15 Changelog:

  • Easy mode actually does something. Lust damage gains and HP damage are now halved in easy mode.
  • Lust over time now only raises to 75% of max and will gradually lower if above. Note that some lust-boosting items and events can counteract this (boobswell pads for example).
  • Lyralla has been added to Myrellion. She can be found in the same room as Juro.
  • Big T got another scene.
  • Terran Treats were added. Sera sells them.
  • Hardlight strap-ons should now save properly.
  • Codex formatting improved and standardized. Some codices may have to be unlocked again as their name has changed (the game uses their name to store if you have them unlocked).
  • The kaithrit codex has been added.
  • The galotian codex has been added.
  • Gold myr and red myr codices have been added …