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0.5.29 Changelog 8
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0.5.29 Changelog:

  • JimT's Vahn is now in the game. He's a half-ausar mechanic that works on your ships in Tavros station.
  • JimT's Anno vibrator scene has been added to the game.
  • Dr. Badger now sells a new item - Gush! It's much like Throbb, but for boobs. It CAN bad end you, and it has a variant ending if you bad end on New Texas.
  • Elder venus pitchers no longer bother genderless characters (since they lack text for them).
  • A major description function was overhauled to be more efficient and eliminate things like "canine dog-[part]" and better describe tail-mounted parts.
  • Both cities on Myrellion now check to see if you have a pass before letting you in through the gates. No more hiking across no ant's land to avoid screwing Nehzara!
  • Fixed some values with Pandaneen's ball g…
0.5.28 Changelog 14
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  • Fix a bunch of typos and bugs like null fluid quantities, scene crashes, mimbrane stuff, etc.
0.5.27 Changelog 9
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0.5.27 Changelog:

  • A Gold Queen in Kressia is now open for business, dealing in various odds and ends, mostly gimmick weapons and an alternate method of transforming to lactate honey.
  • The unequip options have been condensed into a submenu.
  • Fixed damage resistances on a few items. Note that the tooltips currently show red for items that increase resistance. This will be addressed.
  • Made numerous adjustments to transformations for perks like "Hung", "Mini", and "Bulgy", courtesy of Jacques00.
  • Bunches of typo fixes.
  • Geddy added a function to try and properly determine whether to use "a" or "an".
  • Normal grapple uses physique once more. Smugglers with the "Escape Artist" perk have a slightly easier time escaping as well, but will default to physique struggles should they have a…
0.5.26 Changelog 7
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0.5.26 Changelog:

  • Gardeford's frog girls have been added to all of the northern jungles of Mhen'ga as an uncommon encounter. If you like futa frogs, try losing to one while carrying some Throbb.
  • A taxi system has been added to Myrellion. Presently it can transport you between "No Ant's Land" and the DMZ.
  • One new weapon has been hidden out in Myrellion's tunnels.
  • The game has become much more newbie friendly. If you lose your first three encounters, the game will point out easy mode. If you lose five, you will receive a slight stat boost. It will also inform you if you've gone into a dangerous part of the jungle if you lose to predators there while level 1.
  • To facilitate the above, wins and losses are now tracked.
  • Embry has busts, courtesy of everyone's favorite Shoupup!
0.5.25 Changelog 6
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0.5.25 Changelog:

  • No ants land has land mines courtesy of Gedvin.
  • Lieve added to the game courtesy of Gedvin.
  • Raskvel Males now properly have a codex blurb if you meet them before the girls.
  • Celise can now be sent to Tavros if you get tired of her or ever need to make room for other followers.
  • Celise can now be transformed into Gigacelise... which is more like Tentacle Celise. Written by Gardeford.
  • A new zil male blowjob scene has been added courtesy of Susumu.
  • Normal Celise has a new scene courtesy of Zeikfried.
  • Bunches of typos cleaned up.
  • A few fixes.