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0.5.39 Changelog 6
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0.5.39 Changelog:

  • Kiro is no longer auto-rescued the moment you enter a bar.
  • Kiro's two sex menus have been added to the game along with seven scenes or so. Also a special one if you visit with blue balls. Visit her when she's all inflated for the second sex menu. As you can see, there's still plenty room for more. I probably enjoyed writing her almost as much as Urta, and I'm glad to have her coming into the game after almost two years. (There's still more to code!)
  • I think that's it. I'm tired and have to be back up again in 2 hours.
0.5.38 Changelog 0
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0.5.38 Changelog:

  • A system for having roaming NPCs appear in bars has been added to the game.
  • Kiro can now be encountered in bars after being rescued. (Scratch that - just noticed some debug code I left in that makes the game think you've saved her even if you haven't. It'll be pulled in the next release).
  • Ovir transformation items have been added to Jade's menu, courtesy of Third & Geddy.
  • Fixed ballfullness becoming negative.
  • Kiro's dick is no longer 12 inches wide in the code.
  • Bunches more typos and bugs squished!
0.5.37 Changelog 26
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0.5.37 Changelog:

  • The deep caves have been added. They're in the western portion of "No Ant's Land."
  • Alpha Nyrea can be encountered in the deep caves! They should be tougher than their beta counterparts (but are relatively untested).
  • Seifyn the Nyrea has a shop down there with some new items, including a temporary defense booster and an item that will heal you (but deal lust damage).
  • The deep caves taxi has been added to the taxi network.
  • Dr. Badger can now be reported to Penny (after dealing with her Zil problem).
  • The Dzaan codex has been added to the game. Right now it auto-unlocks, but it'll properly unlock on meeting Kaska (and a future dzaan) soon.
  • A new section has been added to the Codex to handle fiction. It has been populated with Savin's recent moth-girl story …
0.5.36 Changelog 7
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0.5.36 Changelog:

  • Kressia's bathhouse is open in the northwest corner of the city! Don't ask me why a red ant lactates nectar. Savin's crazy, I tell you what!
  • Vending machines have been placed on each planet to offer a cheap energy-restorative (not portable, I'm afraid).
  • One of the Kressia shops now has an icon on the minimap. I've already forgotten which one.
  • Lactation should never decrease while pregnant.
  • Some fixes to having fun with your goo-suit.
  • A few tweaks to exhibitionism.
  • Fixed a number of clothing checks that were not triggering properly.
0.5.35 Changelog 0
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0.5.35 Changelog:

  • Exhibitionism has been added to the game! Scenes with exhibitionist elements will raise a hidden exhibitionism score, providing notifications as your character gets more and more into it, eventually allowing masturbation in public places with a special scene crafted by JimT. I also intend to gut the current high-libido functionality and replace it with special high libido scenes that will boost exhibitionism with use.
  • A new scene for winning against Male Naleen has been added, courtesy of Hawke56. (I derped up the author box and just noticed now - it'll be more correct in tomorrow's patch.)
  • A human codex entry has been added, based off the version from the wiki with some additions by me.
  • Unequip has been moved to the last slot of the inventory.
  • Tentacle hai…