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0.5.49 Changelog 15
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0.5.49 Changelog:

  • Anarrie and Shiare got new busts, courtesy of Shou.
  • Queen Marsail, Matron Oserre, the Merchant Queen, and four other characters got new busts courtesy of Jacques00.
  • New Kelly scene courtesy of DiscordDavid - A variant of the DP scene for Taurs.
  • Fixed some possible weirdness in the appearance screen.
  • Fixed Ovir TF giving you a "dark dark" colored phallus.
  • Fixed an overage in a liquid volume calculation.
  • Fixed a crash in buying a lifetime membership to the gym.
  • Leg TFs now reset genital position appropriately.
  • Milker payouts have been nerfed.
  • Mimbrane spit damage has been slightly nerfed and converted to 
0.5.48 Changelog 10
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0.5.48 Changelog:

  • Dr. Lash has arrived on Tarkus! He has a lab set up opposite of Doctor Badger and has a quite different worldview. You can use him to remove unwanted body parts.
  • The Ten Ton Gym on New Texas has dramatically increased its rates. Sorry!
  • Submission to elder venus pitchers has been overhauled and now slowly drops as you stay away from them. (Also shows in the stats screen!)
  • Ausar treats no longer give you a sheath.
  • Starting as a half-ausar no longer starts you with a sheath. Don't ask me why - Savin made them this way.
0.5.45-0.5.47 Changelogs 0
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Pardon if the formatting is a little of whack. Geddy did this in my absense.

TiTS 0.5.45 Changelog:

  • The Myrellion branch of Xenogen Biotech is open for business.
    • Find it across the road from the bar.
    • Stepping in will disable the Dr. Haswell quest on Mhen'ga.
    • But there's a new quest here!
  • Four new items:
    • 'Focus' - Lust drop, persistent int bonus for a short time.
    • EasyFit - Gape up dem holes.
    • Nepeta - Full Kaithrit TF.
    • Leitha Charm - Full Leithan TF, but not a consumable. Will proc roughly every hour whilst worn and provide you with a random available Leithan TF message. Expect the cost & the time between procs to be tweaked at some point. Very likely to be a bit twitchy because I've cobbled together a handful of little pieces to support us doing …
0.5.44 Changelog 15
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0.5.44 Changelog:

  • Ceria's hair salon should now have most of the options more or less functional. I'm pretty tired, so there could be some residual weirdness in places.
  • Ceria's shop still isn't open. Usually she won't talk to you until you've bought something. I've forced her talk/sex interactions to be available until I can get that stuff going.
  • I attempted to integrate hairstyles into the game and the hair parsers. It's entirely possible that it'll make [] calls weird in certain circumstances. If that happens, please bug report it with a quote of the weirdness so I can figure out what I'll need to gut and overhaul.
  • Hair length for hair description got overhauled to have more of the "part-length" adjectives actually be based on hair length relative to your tallness.
Android Version Mixup 3
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Apologies for the android file mixup. I accidentally uploaded a misnamed version of 0.5.39 instead of 0.5.43. I'm not quite sure how it happened, but it has been rectified. Patreon backers will see an updated post soon as well.