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0.5.53 Changelog 17
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0.5.53 Changelog:

  • Nevri can now offer Red and Gold Myr transformations after the doctor has had time to research the blood sample. The Xenogen office housing her is in the DMZ.
  • The "Honeypot" perk can be gotten from gold and orange myr pills. It will cause your body to convert excess thickness into your milk of choice. It will also cause them to never stop lactating and continue to fill beyond all previous swelling caps. Also swallowing extra calories will make them grow... so beware of Kiro. Milking will remove all extra size.
  • Red Saliva is not presently available. I do not intend to add it for the moment as it wouldn't make sense to have such a transformation and then NEVER reference it in any scenes involving mouth contact. This is the same reason minotaur transformations in …
0.5.52 Changelog 3
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0.5.52 Changelog:

  • Deep Lake Queen got a new bust by Jacques00. No, her combat crash bug isn't fixed yet >.>
  • Asennia has been added to Gildenmere. She's runs the local honeypot store. Big thanks to Savin for writing her and Shou for doing three variable-bust busts!
  • Orryx can now buy the honey you get from Asennia.
  • The codex now has an awesome quest log, courtesy of Jacques00. Further prettification to come!
  • Some sylvanol variants can now change skin tone. Whee!
  • You can no longer go into debt dying your fur.
  • Many references to no man's land have been changed to no myr's land.
  • You can no longer go to Deck 13 until Anno's quest.
  • Static burst is no longer useless against Vanae.
  • Lots of fixes and tweaks.
0.5.51 Changelog 1
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0.5.51 Changelog:

  • Savin's deep lake creature is now available to whup some butt! (Gedan coded this one a few days ago, actually).
  • JimThermic's Red & Gold Deserters can now be encounter in No Myr's Land! They've got something like six sex scenes between. Also, you can knock up the red one. It does take her 90 days to pop out a kid, though.
  • You can now knock up a raskvel female and witness her popping out kids a week later. Damn things breed like rats.
  • Kirkite, Satyrite, and Picardine gems can now be dropped by the humanoid enemies on Myrellion. They sell for a good chunk of change in pawnshops. If I ever add a jewelry store, you'll get a little bit more for them there.
  • Land mines are slightly less common.
  • Some mail fixes.
  • Big T's email should now arrive via the email syst…
0.5.50 Changelog 7
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0.5.50 Changelog:

  • Sylvanol is implemented and should work.
  • A new item can be found in the junkyards of Tarkus. (It's in the southeastern parts of the map). It's a device you can install on your ship in order to transform your penis at will.
  • armFlags have been added to the game, allowing me to track if they're furry, for example. Speaking of which, Sheer Beauty will now let you dye furry arms even if you don't have fur elsewhere. Note: it won't work for arms transformed before this patch. You'll have to lose and regain them.
  • Fixed some problems with ODing on Condensol.
  • Fixed a bug that could leave the PC with fractional credits.
  • A bunch of tweaks and fixes that Jacques00 was kind enough to point out.
  • Fixed some problems with getting to Deck #13 to get your Goo Armor.
  • Fi…