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0.6.2 Changelog 26
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0.6.2 Changelog - The Bessening:

  • Geddy has sacrificed sanity to code JimThermic's Bess project. What is she? A highly customizable sex-bot.
  • The bath house in Kressia has a bunch of new options, courtesy of Zeikfried and Gardeford.
  • A new Celise scene written by Zeikfried.
  • Mayren and Sierva got busts.
  • Savin has been properly credited for his writing in Taivra's Palace.
  • Basic attacks and ranged attacks have been reworked to be less insane, mostly to make doing the following easier.
  • Volley and Rapid Fire now properly function with multiple attacks.
  • Did I mention a certain dragoncoder all but died working on Bess? And that we have more lines of code than my last game? No? Well we do.
0.6.1 Changelog 3
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0.6.1 Changelog:

  • The mail system shouldn't bleed messages between saves anymore. Hopefully.
  • Enemies with the race "pirates" should now have appropriate race names.
  • "undefined legs" should stop showing up.
  • If you become King Nyrea, the square containing Queensguard now has an NPC marker for the room.
  • Accessing items in combat should no longer clear the enemy bust & name.
  • Lots of mimbrane typos & corrections fixed.
  • Myr pills should no longer give males feminine transformations.
  • Shoot first & double shot should no longer cause multiple enemy turns in one round.
  • You can no longer run from fights in Taivra's palace.
  • Fixed another part of the crystal goo encounter that could accidentally eat the players goo armor.
  • Nevrie and the Crystal Goo Incubator have busts, one by…
0.6.0 Changelog 4
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0.6.0 Changelog:

  • Minor fixes
  • Equipped item statistcs have been added to the inventory screen.
0.5.55 Changelog 8
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0.5.55 Changelog:

  • Players can now reach level 8!
  • Lots of buffing of combat abilities across the board. Many special attacks now gain bonuses from intelligence. Many now scale with level.
  • Special attack tooltips were updated across the board to more clearly and accurately display energy costs and statistic dependencies.
  • Jacques00's overhauled Quest Log has been added/updated. Be sure to point out any bugs you see!
  • Fixed some issues with Goo Armor that could cause it to stick at 1 defense or lose its upgraded defense after the crystal goo encounter.
  • The Dong Designer error scene now properly adjusts the size of your "equipment".
  • Fixed a long missing skin color in creation - Olive.
  • Added a codex entry that explains weapon and armor flag types.
  • Chitin Armor and Chitin Pl…
0.5.54 Changelog 8
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0.5.54 Changelog:

  • Queen Taivra's Palace has been added to Myrellion's deep caves. It includes several new fights, a nice new shield generator, and a few other odds and ends, including the probe with the coordinates of the next planet. This is an early release, so there may be issues to be found there. Several of the busts are placeholders at the moment.
  • Saendra's Expansion Pack has been added to the game. Woooo!
  • Some Red Myr in a manor got added!
  • Tech Specialist's shield recovery moves were buffed from:
    • 8+pc.intelligence()/3 + rand(6)
    • to  pc.intelligence() * 1.5 + rand(pc.level) + pc.shieldsMax() * 0.25
    • The heal over time heals the same amount split over multiple turns (but is more energy efficient).
  • Agility and Improved Agility were increases to base 10% a…