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0.6.6 Changelog 4
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0.6.6 Changelog:

  • Zeikfried's enhancements for Beth's Broads are now live, featuring encounters with a subspecies of rahn and an ovir dancer. High intelligence characters can even get a secret scene with the ovir. Enjoy!
0.6.5 Changelog 3
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Public/Free build will be up on early next week.

0.6.5 Changelog:

  • The first part of Emmy's sex quest is live in game. It'll unlock some scenes where she will give you oral, but you'll have to wait a bit (and do some more work) to unlock more choices in the future!
    • Pro-tip: You need to buy something from her before she'll give up her name.
    • Pro-tip: You can find a venus pitcher flower by falling for one of them...
  • Some more typo/bug fixes.
  • Queensguard got a new bust by Shou! Woo woo!

More to come in the future!

0.6.4 Changelog 4
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This one's for backers. I'm going to push some new content off the backlog this week, then push a pubbie build the following week. It's mostly just bug fixes, including a fix for an annoying error in penis descriptions.

0.6.4 Changelog:

  • Lots of fixes courtesy of our local code-dragon and bug reporters just like you!
  • Adjusted appearance descriptions for tauric beings so they are not quite as explicitly equine.
  • Some fixes to make honeypot swelling actually result in more milk.
  • More typo fixes courtesy of myself (and bug reporters like you!)
  • Fixed a potential scene crash in phallus descriptions.
  • Shoot first no longer works for melee. Sorry!
  • Zil can now drop bows (rarely).

I'd like to push a patch with some real content tomorrow, but I'm not going to overpromise (thi…

0.6.3 Changelog 12
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Not a whole lot going on here - just some of Emmy's early content and a ton of bugfixing.

0.6.3 Changelog:

  • Emmy has been added to the DMZ. This jackal will sell you all manner of energy weapons and a few nice shields.
  • Gedan fixed TONS of bugs. TONS.
  • Bows got nerfed into the ground.
  • Jacques00 submitted a billion fixes and tweaks.