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0.6.12 Changelog 0
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0.6.12 Changelog

  • Some fixes and tweaks to Holidays transformational costumes have been applied.
  • Lots of other misc fixes thanks to Jacques00

0.6.13 Changelog

  • Fixes the ability to load the game.
0.6.11 Changelog 8
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0.6.11 Changelog:

  • There's a chance of getting a misaddressed message that unlocks the coordinates for a special, one-time planet visit. Go party, but be wary, there may be... unexpected results. You only get once scene per character, so either make friends with save/load or make different choices on different PCs! There's at least 50 pages of new stuff.
  • Another BionaHole is available at Inessa's, complete with new Holodisc video.
  • References to the Biothroc have been pruned.
  • Lucanis references have been pruned.
  • When saving, the gender/sex markers on the Save/Load screen should be a little more accurate.
  • A pile of fixes from Jacques00.
0.6.10 Changelog 4
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0.6.10 Changelog:

  • Gene now sells "ManUp," a masculinizer by Lashcharge. Note that it enables beard growth, something largely unsupported by the game. Don't be surprised if it breaks a bunch of stuff until I can get around to cleaning it up next week.
  • Inessa now sends BionaHoles - the next evolution in portable massage devices.
  • Inessa now has two new scenes.
  • Doctor Badger now sells a bizarre weapon.
  • Inessa now sells a sexiness-boosting accessory.
  • For those on the flower portion of Emmy quest, you should be able to acquire flowers from avoiding Venus entrapment as well.
  • The New Texas GravCuffs encounter should be a bit easier to wrangle.
0.6.9 Changelog 5
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0.6.9 Changelog:

  • A big thanks to Jacques00 for turning out a set of changes to clean up most of the bugs on the bug report forum. No way would I have pushed a patch today without ya.
  • Lots of little fixes, but big ones are mainly concerning Inessa and her toys.
  • Finished coding and activated a scene where you can cuff yourself up on New Texas...
0.6.8 Changelog 4
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0.6.8 Changelog:

  • The merchant deck of Tavros station has finally blossomed into its full glory. On the map, it's represented as a square, but it's supposed to be circular. Curse our simplified NESW approximations!
  • JimThermic's sextoy vendor, Inessa is now open for business. She has some sex toys and sexy clothing for sale - as well as sex with herself.
  • One of her toys can be used on yourself. The other has a variable scene that can be used on many defeated foes - vanae, zil, raskvel, and nyrea to name a few.
  • A pretty large pull request from Jacques00 that should clear up plenty of bugs. There's another big set of changes backlogged to be merged into the next build as well.