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0.6.24 Changelog 3
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0.6.24 Changelog:

  • Added Dr. Anzhela to Kressia, a red myr doctor written by JimThermic.
  • It's now possible to run into Kaede outside of "Iced Teats" on New Texas (with her lover, Cass), by Savin.

It doesn't seem like much to read, but that's a solid chunk of content (50ish pages, if I had to guess). Next on the coding block is Zeikfried's educator for the Gildenmere Thollum, than who knows!~

0.6.23 Changelog 3
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0.6.23 Changelog:

  • The next step in Emmy's quest is now functional. To get it going, do something sexy with her, then wait 72 hours for an email. Depending on what you bring her (and your aim and physique stats), she'll give you a different weapon as a reward.
  • Emmy also has three new sexy-times scenes unlocked once you progress her quest.
  • You can now enter cheats in the custom input menu for V-Ko. This is pretty placeholder for now, and notifications about typing them in correctly won't show till after you back out of V-Ko's menu, but it'll work for Android/iOS players.
  • Jacques00 added a neat event for selling the probe on Mhen'ga.
  • Jacques00 deployed a literal raft of bug-fixes.
  • A new Shou bust was added.
0.6.22 Changelog 9
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0.6.22 Changelog:

  • Added the fourth and fifth stages of GaloMax transformations. Note that there are four GaloMax drops available in the game at the moment, so use the "furfag" infinite item use cheat if you would like to go all the way to being made of goo.
  • Some highlights that are added - different nipple types, including dick-nipples and lipples.
  • Focus Pills won't remove as much lust if spammed over and over in the same fight.
  • Goo Biomass storage now has a maximum amount that increases as you use more GaloMax.
  • Toggle options have been added for the save overwrite prompt and save notes. You can find them in the options menu, courtesy of Jacques00 (and Gedan fixing his code).
  • Removed an unattainable Codex entry from the list.
  • A big fat pile of bug fixes large enough to c…
0.6.20 Changelog 2
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We fixed a bunch of bugs. Hopefully this is the last bugfix for a while.

0.6.19 Changelog 0
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It's finally here! Sorry for the hold-up. I'm getting word that the combat overhaul is coming along well too, so maybe we can see a party combat dungeon in time for January (no promises). Check out the new hotness:

0.6.19 Changelog:

  • Placeholder scene for meeting Zo'dee a second time has been replaced with a proper encounter. Moderate lewdness possible.
  • After encountering GaloMax for the first time, Gene and Sera will each sell one dose.
  • The third level of GaloMax transformation is more or less complete, with a bevy of options for vaginas, testes, and penises.
  • Please note that GaloMax is still unfinished content - the fourth (full-body gooey-ness) and fifth doses (legs become a gooey mound - fullgoo PC) are not yet in the game.
  • Zo'dee has a bust from one of Doxy's original…