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0.6.31 Changelog 17
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Got a pretty decent-sized chunk of content for you this week. I hope you all enjoy it!

  • Kara Quest 2 Dungeon should be active. It might be super buggy, but it should also have a pretty solid chunk of new combat for you to play with - as well as some party-ish combat! (Thanks, Gedan!)
  • Lots of new items for the above Dungeon.
  • Some new busts were added to the game, by Shou and JayEcho.
  • Nonesuch's Sera expansion is added to the game thanks to Jacques00.
  • Figured out how to set up a .swf wrapper to upload to furaffinity to skate around their 10MB restriction for posting public builds there. We may broaden its use in time, but the current version has issues with caching.
  • Tech Disruptor attacks are now AoE (I might revert or play with this one).
  • Overcharge's multiplier now increa…
New Poll! 13
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I've had ideas for a post-apocalyptic planet written out since summer of 2015, and since I had a free moment tonight, I decided to put some more work in on it. I've picked three names I like out of my list of planet names and put them up on a poll.

I decided to leave this one up for anyone to vote on, so tell me which we should go for!

0.6.29/30 Changelog 8
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I made two builds, one for the public folks (so they could get more bugfixes) and one with some fresh content hot from the oven for you guys!

0.6.29 & 0.6.30 Changelogs: emot-siren

  • [0.6.30 Only] Vi, a V-Ko droid, has been added to the Gildenmere hospital on Myrellion. She’s written by JimThermic and comes packed with a metric crap-ton of content.
  • [0.6.30 Only] Vi’s shop allows you to buy some new items, including a new shield generator and two fun little outfits for your armor slot.
  • Stat bars should scroll up from 0 properly when starting anew or loading in.
  • Replaced Nevrie’s bust with one by Shou. I THINK a non-nude version should be on its way as well.
  • Properly enabled the Wetraxxel’s nude bust, even though you can barely see any difference.
  • Renamed Codex headings to avoid text…
Personal Blog Down [NOT ANY MORE] 6
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Update: the situation appears resolved. Thanks for your patience!

Hey guys - don't panic about my blog at being down. We migrated to a different server last night, and it looks like there's a hiccup with the new one. Once our web dragon gets up and breathes some fresh fire into, everything should be fine.

0.6.27 Changelog 9
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0.6.27 Changelog:

  • Android loading should be fixed. (Thanks, Gedan!)
  • The ‘bot from the Fungal Queen quest should no longer crash the game (we hope).
  • Hopefully no more screen skipping at the end of combat resolution.
  • The pet varmint should actually proc now.
  • Some other fixes and tweaks, courtesy of Jacques00.