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0.6.43 Changelog 8
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0.6.43 Changelog:

  • Ellie now sells ClearYu and Rubber-Made, two items penned by Adjatha with some rather unique bad-ends attached to them.
  • Ellie can now sell Suma Cream, an enhancer of the testicular persuasion. Again, written by Adjatha, and coded by Jacques00.
  • Carrie has a new scene for treated bull types, coded by Jacques00 and penned by Nonesuch.
  • Three new one-off scenes requested by Offbeatr prompts have been added to the game: one for Millie's milker getting out of control (request a solo milking), one for sleeping with the taxi vendor on Tarkus, and one for tentacular impregnation (find a strange egg, then fly your ship around with it in your inventory).
  • Nerfed orifice capacities somewhat. They were slightly too high.
  • Fixed some scenes missing tagging for fluid input…
0.6.42 Changelog 5
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NOTE: There are currently issues affecting accounts created since the closure of Offbeatr. We will be looking into them.

New patches for backers are all the rage! Remember, if you aren't a backer and want to get the latest and greatest, Patreon is the place to go. A few build will drop in early April - no foolin'.

0.6.42 Changelog:

  • A new character can be found in the northwest corner of Gildenmere's mushroom park - but she is time-sensitive, so wait around if she isn't there. Thanks for writing her Foxxling, and thanks for coding her, Jacques00!
  • A raft of bug fixes!
  • Emmy now has scenes for characters too big to fit inside her. Enjoy!
  • Atha's busts are in game!

The changelog is short, but the new content isn't! Thanks for sticking with us, folks!

0.6.41 Changelog 10
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0.6.41 Changelog:

  • New busts for Briha and Orryx!
  • A big pile of new scenes for futa lovers by Adjatha. You can tune into Atha's show, and watch her try out different transformations and in-universe toys!
  • Fixed a crash with fluidGem descriptors.
  • Fixed broken parser in Vanae (thanks Jacques00)
  • Some new dynamic item tooltips have been added (thanks Jacques00).
  • Zeikfried's Tarkesian joke book has been added to the game. You can grab it at Colenso's.
  • Lots of other fixes and tweaks!
0.6.40 Changelog 3
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  • Cleave should no longer proc on single enemies.
  • The Halloween mask event should no longer overwrite the Goo hair transformation.
  • Kelly's attraction now caps at 100%.
  • The Treatment should now properly make hooved legs "furred".
  • Fixed crotch teases going of twice at once.
  • Emmy will no longer forget who you are if you turn into a myr after banging her.
  • Fixed the fluidGem functions.
  • Concussion Shot now properly requires training to use.
  • Nyrea spawns have been adjusted.
  • Infected Myr can now drop Picardine.
  • Dr. Lash's breast removal should now properly remove milk fullness bonuses to boob size.
  • Milk bonuses to breast size should now update every hour to clean up any improper values.
  • Lots of other typos and misc bug fixes.
0.6.39 Changelog 0
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Some players were having issues loading the game or creating new characters in Windows 10. This release should fix that problem.