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0.6.38 Changelog 5
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0.6.38 Changelog:

  • You can now collect panties from five new characters! Four are on Myrellion. Good luck finding them all~
  • There are now scenes for using panties that came from 100% female NPCs.
  • Jotted out some further discussion with Emmy about her implant.
  • Added a bunch of new status effect icons and started recoloring some of them to better differentiate them. Thanks Geddy for whipping up the subsystem for this!
  • Lewded up a few of Emmy's old talk scenes and menus.
  • Some crashy issues have been fixed.
0.6.37 Changelog 5
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0.6.37 Changelog:

  • Player fluid simulation should be working again.
  • Player statuses should be updating again.
  • A framework to allow us to set custom colors on status effect icons is in.
  • Adjatha's Aina bust is active
  • New item: Nyrean Candy (thanks for the coding Jacques00 and whoever wrote it!)
  • A ton of fixes, tweaks, and quality of life changes.
0.6.36 Changelog 8
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0.6.36 Changelog:

  • New Vahn bust, courtesy of Adjatha!
  • Emmy can now be taken all the way: two new scenes and a variety of subscenes.
  • Dynamic, fluid-based belly deformation.
  • You can get Emmy's panties.
  • Status effects have been set up to work properly with NPCs (not just the combat ones).