0.6.16 Changelog - Android Build Works 1
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0.6.16 Changelog:

  • Recompiled the android/iOS version and tested it on my Nexus7 to make sure it actually works this time. Sorry about that, folks!
  • Merged in a pretty big pull request from Jacques00 that has a raft of bugfixes and tweaks.
  • Looks like some button placements have moved too. I might revert some of the in-ship ones. RIP, my muscle memory.
  • Lots of under the hood changes and tweaks, again from Jacques00. Thanks, good buddy!
0.6.15 Changelog 6
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Tainted Space 0.6.15 Changelog:

  • Added Gardeford's Ganrael to the deep caves - and their village. They're silly-mode only for now - an alternate version of the monster should be in the works from Z for a future build.
  • The Ganrael shopkeeper doesn't sell a transformative item for them yet. That'll come later (TF's are a pain to code, yo!)
  • Gardeford's fungal queen can now be encountered and saved for a handy payday (again, in the deep caves).
  • Aliss's shop now has tooltips, and a few items have sexiness bonuses.
  • Seifyn now sells MuskRepel
  • The duster accessory type has gotten some slight nerfs.
  • Lots of bug fixes and tweaks, courtesy of Jacques00.
0.6.14 Changelog 2
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0.6.14 Changelog:

  • You can now sell your body for money at Beth's broads if you've got the physical equipment to be a "broad" and some pretty clothing. Written by Nonesuch, coded by Jacques00.
  • You can now meet up with a zil call-girl in the upstairs of Anon's Bar after Saendra quest. Coded by Jacques00, but this one is pretty untested. Might be broken or crashy.
  • Added a bunch of new Shou busts to the game: Ceria, Fungal Myr, Renvra, Lieve. The Renvra one is probably my new personal favorite of hers.
  • Added some CeshireCatSmile37 busts for Embry that JimThermic commissioned.
  • Added a new, submissive scene to the Halloween content for those who choose the male taursuit.
  • Added a new scene for the GravCuffs on New Texas. Some cow-girls will come play with those who have the prope…
0.6.12 Changelog 0
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0.6.12 Changelog

  • Some fixes and tweaks to Holidays transformational costumes have been applied.
  • Lots of other misc fixes thanks to Jacques00

0.6.13 Changelog

  • Fixes the ability to load the game.
0.6.11 Changelog 8
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0.6.11 Changelog:

  • There's a chance of getting a misaddressed message that unlocks the coordinates for a special, one-time planet visit. Go party, but be wary, there may be... unexpected results. You only get once scene per character, so either make friends with save/load or make different choices on different PCs! There's at least 50 pages of new stuff.
  • Another BionaHole is available at Inessa's, complete with new Holodisc video.
  • References to the Biothroc have been pruned.
  • Lucanis references have been pruned.
  • When saving, the gender/sex markers on the Save/Load screen should be a little more accurate.
  • A pile of fixes from Jacques00.