0.6.10 Changelog 4
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0.6.10 Changelog:

  • Gene now sells "ManUp," a masculinizer by Lashcharge. Note that it enables beard growth, something largely unsupported by the game. Don't be surprised if it breaks a bunch of stuff until I can get around to cleaning it up next week.
  • Inessa now sends BionaHoles - the next evolution in portable massage devices.
  • Inessa now has two new scenes.
  • Doctor Badger now sells a bizarre weapon.
  • Inessa now sells a sexiness-boosting accessory.
  • For those on the flower portion of Emmy quest, you should be able to acquire flowers from avoiding Venus entrapment as well.
  • The New Texas GravCuffs encounter should be a bit easier to wrangle.
0.6.9 Changelog 5
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0.6.9 Changelog:

  • A big thanks to Jacques00 for turning out a set of changes to clean up most of the bugs on the bug report forum. No way would I have pushed a patch today without ya.
  • Lots of little fixes, but big ones are mainly concerning Inessa and her toys.
  • Finished coding and activated a scene where you can cuff yourself up on New Texas...
0.6.8 Changelog 4
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0.6.8 Changelog:

  • The merchant deck of Tavros station has finally blossomed into its full glory. On the map, it's represented as a square, but it's supposed to be circular. Curse our simplified NESW approximations!
  • JimThermic's sextoy vendor, Inessa is now open for business. She has some sex toys and sexy clothing for sale - as well as sex with herself.
  • One of her toys can be used on yourself. The other has a variable scene that can be used on many defeated foes - vanae, zil, raskvel, and nyrea to name a few.
  • A pretty large pull request from Jacques00 that should clear up plenty of bugs. There's another big set of changes backlogged to be merged into the next build as well.
0.6.6 Changelog 4
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0.6.6 Changelog:

  • Zeikfried's enhancements for Beth's Broads are now live, featuring encounters with a subspecies of rahn and an ovir dancer. High intelligence characters can even get a secret scene with the ovir. Enjoy!
0.6.5 Changelog 3
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Public/Free build will be up on fenoxo.com early next week.

0.6.5 Changelog:

  • The first part of Emmy's sex quest is live in game. It'll unlock some scenes where she will give you oral, but you'll have to wait a bit (and do some more work) to unlock more choices in the future!
    • Pro-tip: You need to buy something from her before she'll give up her name.
    • Pro-tip: You can find a venus pitcher flower by falling for one of them...
  • Some more typo/bug fixes.
  • Queensguard got a new bust by Shou! Woo woo!

More to come in the future!