0.6.52 Changelog 4
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0.6.52 Changelog:

  • Some Fazian guy I haven't actually gotten to read yet that Gedan coded.
  • Some bugs were fixed?
  • This is what happens when patch notes get written by sick, medicated Fenoxo.
0.6.51 Changelog 3
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0.6.51 Changelog:

  • New scene in Myrellion for PCs with a Y chromosome.
  • New busts: Semith, Galina (not yet active), Nayna in a coat, Mi'dee, Miko, and Mai.
  • Shockblade damage adjustments
  • Lots of bug-fixes and tweaks, courtesy of Jacques00.
0.6.50 Changelog 10
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0.6.50 Changelog:

  • New NPC in Beth's on Tavros: Terensha!
  • Added a television program to ther bar on Uveto along with a placeholder description.
  • More busts: Briha, Lerris, Nayna, Sera, Zaalt
  • Gryvrain starting race
  • New Item: Junk in the Trunk
  • Kui-tan have a new racial attribute..
0.6.49 Changelog 20
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0.6.49 Changelog:

  • Yammi can now become a follower, serving as the ship's cook. Big thanks to Lady Jen for writing her ages ago and to Savin for editing and filling in the missing sex scenes!
  • Adjusted cold damage mechanics on Uveto and added a basic rescue scene for when PCs hit 0 HP from cold.
  • Gedan added the base layout of the Ice Plains into the game. (Still no encounters for them).
  • Some overhauls to the shop systems.
  • Nerrasa's shop has been added to the game (on Uveto).
  • Kiro's GalLink meetup can now happen for Male/Herm PC's who have gotten the email about it.
  • Upped the chances to get the above email massively.
  • Probably some other things I'm forgetting!
0.6.48 Changelog 6
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0.6.48 Changelog:

  • Added a new scene for Nayna.
  • Added 8 new custom PCs off the list (an Offbeatr reward - don't sweat it if you don't know it. Still 53 pages of Offbeatr reward things to do)
  • New texts for the Uvetan space elevator.
  • Fix for 'Nuki Nuts vs. Suma Cream on tiny kui-tans.
  • Suma Cream bad end now triggered by weight/strength requirements in addition to size.
  • Added and implemented Shou's Xanthe busts.
  • Adjustments to exhibitionism decay by ignoring exposing underwear from check.
  • Added metallic black and iridescent to Shear Beauty hair/fur color menus.