0.6.36 Changelog 8
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0.6.36 Changelog:

  • New Vahn bust, courtesy of Adjatha!
  • Emmy can now be taken all the way: two new scenes and a variety of subscenes.
  • Dynamic, fluid-based belly deformation.
  • You can get Emmy's panties.
  • Status effects have been set up to work properly with NPCs (not just the combat ones).
0.6.35 Changelog 10
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0.6.35 Changelog:

  • Zeikfried's crystal goo variants have finally come out of the oven. You can play around with them in the deep caves of Myrellion with silly mode off. (Silly mode replaces them with Gardeford's fun-loving lovelies!)
  • Fixed an issue that would cause Faux Preg pregnancies to glitch out after ~1200 days.
  • Cut the "GROUNDED" flag from the one piece of armor it was used on - it's a relic that I believed I decided against using, and that armor already has electrical resistance coded.
  • Tarkus's sex-bots should no longer sometimes appear as the incorrect gender.
  • Nerfed Nyrean Praetorians slightly.
  • Should fix some combat crashes in specific encounters.
  • Bunches of bug fixes and textual tweaks courtesy of Jacques00.
0.6.34 Changelog 11
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0.6.34 Changelog:

  • New busts for Cass and Vaande, by Adjatha.
  • Additional Vahn scenes actually coded in this time.
  • JimThermic's residential deck has been added to the game, complete with two new NPCs of his and a third written by Nonesuch. Enjoy them! (Accessible via Tavros station's elevator)
  • New busts for Emmy, Wetra Hounds
  • Credits implemented!
  • Mangos. You can't handle them.
  • A bunch of bug fixes, tweaks, and typo corrections.
  • Probably some other stuff I forgot - be sure to point it out to me.
0.6.33 Changelog 13
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0.6.33 Changelog:

  • Savin's "egg trainer" device has been added to the game. You can buy it from Inessa's and install it in your ship. This is my first time coding a pregnancy effect myself, so be gentle - it could have weird bugs that I failed to suss out. Additionally, the "Faux Pregnancy" option isn't quite 100% yet.
  • Hoverboards can now help some immobilized characters scoot around.
  • Groundwork has been laid to allow for immobilization by other parts in the future.
  • MightyTight has been added to the game.
  • Ovilium has been added to the game.
  • Sterilex has been added to the game.
  • Special eggs (from Ovilium) have been added to the game by Jacques00, along with the above items.
  • Metric butt-tonnes of fixes, mostly courtesy of Jacques00 and Gedan.
0.6.31 Changelog 17
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Got a pretty decent-sized chunk of content for you this week. I hope you all enjoy it!

  • Kara Quest 2 Dungeon should be active. It might be super buggy, but it should also have a pretty solid chunk of new combat for you to play with - as well as some party-ish combat! (Thanks, Gedan!)
  • Lots of new items for the above Dungeon.
  • Some new busts were added to the game, by Shou and JayEcho.
  • Nonesuch's Sera expansion is added to the game thanks to Jacques00.
  • Figured out how to set up a .swf wrapper to upload to furaffinity to skate around their 10MB restriction for posting public builds there. We may broaden its use in time, but the current version has issues with caching.
  • Tech Disruptor attacks are now AoE (I might revert or play with this one).
  • Overcharge's multiplier now increa…