New Poll! 13
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I've had ideas for a post-apocalyptic planet written out since summer of 2015, and since I had a free moment tonight, I decided to put some more work in on it. I've picked three names I like out of my list of planet names and put them up on a poll.

I decided to leave this one up for anyone to vote on, so tell me which we should go for!

0.6.29/30 Changelog 8
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I made two builds, one for the public folks (so they could get more bugfixes) and one with some fresh content hot from the oven for you guys!

0.6.29 & 0.6.30 Changelogs: emot-siren

  • [0.6.30 Only] Vi, a V-Ko droid, has been added to the Gildenmere hospital on Myrellion. She’s written by JimThermic and comes packed with a metric crap-ton of content.
  • [0.6.30 Only] Vi’s shop allows you to buy some new items, including a new shield generator and two fun little outfits for your armor slot.
  • Stat bars should scroll up from 0 properly when starting anew or loading in.
  • Replaced Nevrie’s bust with one by Shou. I THINK a non-nude version should be on its way as well.
  • Properly enabled the Wetraxxel’s nude bust, even though you can barely see any difference.
  • Renamed Codex headings to avoid text…
Personal Blog Down [NOT ANY MORE] 6
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Update: the situation appears resolved. Thanks for your patience!

Hey guys - don't panic about my blog at being down. We migrated to a different server last night, and it looks like there's a hiccup with the new one. Once our web dragon gets up and breathes some fresh fire into, everything should be fine.

0.6.27 Changelog 9
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0.6.27 Changelog:

  • Android loading should be fixed. (Thanks, Gedan!)
  • The ‘bot from the Fungal Queen quest should no longer crash the game (we hope).
  • Hopefully no more screen skipping at the end of combat resolution.
  • The pet varmint should actually proc now.
  • Some other fixes and tweaks, courtesy of Jacques00.
0.6.26 Changelog 6
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Trials in Tainted Space 0.6.26 Changelog:

  • For backers, this one is mostly just some fixes and tweaks.
  • Jacques00 also added a frog-girl transformation item to Mhen’ga [UNTESTED] and Savin’s varmint pet expansion [UNTESTED].